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April 2021


In our English lessons, we have been looking at the genre ‘explanation.’ We have analysed a modelled text based upon the water cycle and identified key features such as: title and sub-headings, adverbials of time, technical language, causal conjunctions and labelled diagrams. We used content learnt from our CCCS lessons based on global warming and held a question and answer session in class to help us delve deeper in our understanding. We practiced writing sentences on this important issue using causal conjunctions and then we wrote our own explanation texts.










In Maths, we have been working really hard to develop our knowledge of shape. We have looked at both 2D shapes in class and discussing what makes a regular shape and sorting these using venn diagrams. We have also looked at 3D shapes and how these can be made from nets. We have learnt how to use what we know about shape to begin to calculate missing sides and angles. We found learning to measure and draw angles challenging, but we have persevered and can now use a protractor correctly. Finally we learnt how shapes can be both reflected and translated. Why not take a look at some of our super work.














In RE we have begun to learn about the religion ‘Islam.’ We began by writing down what we already knew and then we researched the 5 pillars, which are the five duties that Muslims try to carry out. It helps them to live a good and responsible life, and bring them closer to God (Allah) and their community. We recorded what we learnt by drawing images of the 5 pillars and writing about what these represented.  Following this we learnt about their God- Allah and created our own fact sheets.   








In Science we have been developing our investigative skills. We have investigated a range of materials to discover their properties such as whether they are magnetic. Why not take a look at the images below to see what we did and then look at our write ups to see what we found out. Another investigation we have done is to see which materials make the best insulators. As you can see from our results we found out that tissue is not a good insulator, whereas felt is.










 In Art, we have been learning about the work of great artists, architects and designers in history. In class we looked at work by Antoni Gaudí . He was a Catalan modernist architect known internationally as a genius. He created his own style in the modernism of the time. His most famous contribution to art was the trencadis mosaic style. It is a technique that consists of joining together broken pieces of tiles. We also looked at work by Vincent Van Gough, who was a Dutch artist. He painted portraits and landscapes using watercolours and oil paints. We discussed one of his famous paintings entitled ‘Sunflowers’ painted in 1888. Then using bright colours inspired by Vincent Van Gough and the mosaic style of Antoni Gauid, we recreated our own sunflower images using a range of different materials. Here is some of our art work.