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April 2021


In English, Lichfield Class have been learning how to write an explanation text. For our half-term homework, many of us produced some amazing research on global warming. We have continued to learn more interesting facts, which links to our butterfly 'the pollution solution'. Did you know that since the industrial revolution there has been an increase of 1/3 of carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere?

Have a look at our amazing explanation texts to learn more about the process of global warming! 




In April, Lichfield have learnt all about angles! As a class, we were able to recap our knowledge of angles and remind ourselves what an acute, obtuse, reflex, right and straight angle was. We then practiced how to measure an angle using a protractor; learning when to use the outside scale and when to use the inside scale. We had a some fun showing our knowledge of angles to each other by using our arms.




We are loving our science lessons at the moment, in Lichfield. Our topic for this term is 'properties and changing materials' and involves us showcasing our investigation skills. Our first investigation helped us sort materials by their properties; we looked at a variety of different materials, such as: rock, string, tissue, sponge and wood. We tested these materials on their hardness, translucency, flexibility, whether it was permeable and finally whether it was magnetic. Here's some pictures of us hard at work! 




In art, we are learning about great artists, such as Van Gogh. We learnt that Van Gogh is most famous for his work painting sunflowers and so we tried to recreate some of these amazing masterpieces! We practiced our skills of collaging and used a variety of different materials, from paper to netting, to put our own spin on Van Gogh's collection.