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Canterbury April 2022



In English, we have started to explore a new story called 'The Matchbox Diary' by Paul Fleischman. 



We used hot-seating to understand the main characters in the story so that we could write a diary entry as one of the family members:


Dear diary, 


As I approached the ship, my heart sunk. The motion of the ship at the bottom was the worst; I could feel my stomach churning. The moaning and cries rang in my ears as I could hear the cries of people suffering with sea sickness. I wondered how we would survive the journey but decided to keep myself still and quiet and pray that things would feel better soon. 


As moments passed, my sisters allowed me to travel up to the top deck. The difference was unbelievable. All around, I could see rich ladies covered in jewels and extravagant hats. As I tiptoed cautiously around, I noticed that the churning in my stomach had subsided so I took a moment to observe the scenery. 


As hours passed, we were becoming closer to Ellis Island. With the glimmer of hope diminishing from my eyes, I heard a rumbling and roaring from the skies above. Within seconds, I saw the black world of the deep, restless ocean and the grey, churning surface of the waves. Together we all held our hands together and prayed together. I knew Saint Christopher was supposed to protect travellers. Luckily, after people threw medallions in the ocean the water began to calm. 




In maths we have been problem solving with fractions and decimals. 




We have been thinking about our dreams and aspirations. We asked ourselves three questions:


  • What do you want to achieve in life? 
  • Who do you want to become? 
  • What are your goals and ambitions?


We learnt about dream catchers. 


A dream catcher is a symbol, used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. 


Many believe that a dream catcher acts like a spider's web, trapping the bad dreams or nightmares while allowing the good ones to filter through.



We designed and made our own dream catchers and wrote our dreams and aspirations on the feathers.