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Canterbury October 2021

In Canterbury Class we have had a busy month. We have been reading ‘Stormbreaker.’ We have spent time learning about the characters and have been story mapping the main events in the text to work on our summarising skills. We also used our retrieval skills to find out about some of the gadgets the main character needed to solve his missions.




In our CCSS lessons we have used our time to research and compare locations. 


In PESHR we had a fantastic discussion about how Coronavirus has impacted society. We focused on the financial impact on society but also discussed the impact the virus has had on the lives of many.


During our Science lessons, we have been learning about how to use scientific explanations to support our ideas. We spent time planning our a project. We  identified which plants would be the best to support the bees and butterflies and created a plan on where these could be placed. We used scientific language to justify our ideas.

For Literacy, we have been developing our description skills. We watched a fantastic video about a Viking travelling through a landscape. We then spent time gathering ideas and rich language before transferring this to a setting description.


We have been really enjoying spending time in our R.E lessons comparing different ideas about how the world began. We have evaluated different theories and spent time drawing links between them. We used our art skills to demonstrate the difference between the the ”Big Bang” theory and the ideas presented in Genesis.


Finally, during maths we have been tackling long division problems. This was incredibly challenging, however we drew on our multiplication knowledge to help. We explained our reasoning brilliantly.