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Christ Church (Erith)

C of E Primary School

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December 2020

Fabulous Worcester

English and Science

In English this half term we have been learning about Non-Chronological reports. We analysed a range of reports, discussing their layout along and identifying the types of language used such as technical vocabulary. Following this, we invented our own planets linked to our science learning on Earth and Space. We decided if they would in our solar system, be a gas or rocky planet and whether they would have moons orbiting it.  Then we wrote a formal letter to Mr Johnson to inform him of our discovery and request funding to investigate it further.







Finally we produced a non-chronological report all about our new planets.












In maths, we have been developing our understanding of fractions and decimals. We used hands-on resources to help us visualise fractions that were equivalent, shaded images and drew diagrams.  We then used this knowledge to help us compare and order fractions.








Once we understood what a fraction was we learnt how to add and subtract these, again using diagrams to help us and those of us who felt confident completed fraction challenges.





Finally we learnt how to write fractions as decimals using digits and words.




In computing we used Kodu to create our own games that included a background and character. We experimented with programming our character to move around the world and then working with a partner we evaluated these games.









Following this we looked at beebots and how these are programmed. We imagined how we would want these to move if they were rovers on Mars. We researched and designed our own Mars Rovers and once our designs were complete we created a model of our robot that would fit onto a beebot.












On 10th December, we celebrated ‘Human Rights Day.’ We discussed the rights of people today and the difference between needs and wants. We learnt that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights makes sure that everyone has the same rights. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, where you are born, what age you are, what language you speak, what religion you believe in or where you live. From the second we are born, there are things that we have a right to have. To help us remember that we are all different but equal we created our own people paper chains including people from other countries and cultures.










We have really enjoyed taking part in a range of tasks during the last week of term. Our favourite activity was developing our art skills and creating our own WWII medals out of clay. We are looking forward to painting these when we return to school in January, so that they look like real medals.