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December 2020


Lichfield class have been learning about fractions and decimals this term!

We looked at equivalent fractions and how they are represented in different ways - we showed this by colouring in sections of a variety of shapes. We also created a fractions wall so that we could clearly see which fractions are equivalent to each other. 

After that, we moved onto converting fractions that are over 10, 100 or 1000 into decimals - we noticed that when looking at a place value grid we had tenths, hundredths and thousandths and that these were the same as our denominators.

Some of the children even gave themselves the challenge of converting these into percentages!


In English this term we have been looking at non-chronological reports. We started by looking at a model text about two different planets, we then went on to change certain aspects e.g. what it looked like. Finally, we created our own non-chronological report about a planet that we had created. We needed to think about it's name, what it looked like, what atmosphere it had and whether it could hold any lifeform - our science lessons helped us with the terminology! 

Here are some of the examples that we created:



Our PE lesson this term involved us learning war time dances. We learned the Lindy Hop, the Charleston and the Lambeth Walk. For our final dance lesson we combined the steps that we had learned from all of the dances and created our own dance. 

In the pictures you can see the girls using their arms to show the 'swing' aspect of the Charleston and the boys 'holding their braces' in the Lambeth walk. 




During our safari week the children were able to use clay to create a Christmas decoration. We used a variety of techniques and tools to ensure we had a variety of shapes, textures and designs.

The children were sure to remember to put a hole in the top so it can hang on their Christmas trees at home!




This term we have been planning, designing and making a 'Mars Rover'. We used cardboard to make our Mars Rover sturdy and then coloured paper to decorate it. Lichfield class took a futuristic take on the Mars Rover with many of them being bright, colourful and having great features!