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February 2021


In maths, we have been looking at percentages, decimals and fractions and how to convert them. We have had several activities, including word problems and physical matching activities. We talked about the place value of a decimal number and how some fractions can be simplified but this does not change their decimal or percentage equivalent.




In our English lessons, we have been planning and writing a short adventure story! Some of us decided to write about ourselves and a real life friend going on an adventure whereas others decided to create their own characters and adventures. We tried our best to include some fronted adverbials, relative clauses and some powerful noun phrases. 





We are learning about spreadsheets this term, we have thought about why they might be used and how they might be useful. Our final project will be to go on to create our own party budget! 

So far, we have learned how to use the 'SUM' feature of a spreadsheet to find calculations. We have also learned how to format a spreadsheet so that we can change font colours and sizes.





Lichfield class have been cooking! In our DT lesson this term we have been looking to design and make a dish from another culture. Some of us chose to follow our topic for CCCS this term, which is Ancient Greece, and cook a Greek inspired dish. Whereas, others decided to cook something from their own or another culture. 

We had Mexican, Greek, Italian and many more!