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February 2021


In our English lessons, we have been reading stories from other cultures and using these as a basis for writing our own cultural tales. We analysed a modelled text, identifying different types of language and then did some work on characterisation – putting ourselves in the role of a given character and  writing our own diaries entries. In both pieces of writing we tried our best to include some fronted adverbials, relative clauses and some powerful noun phrases. 








In Guided reading, we have worked hard to develop our comprehension skills and recently we really enjoyed writing some poems in a response to a poem we read. We hope that you enjoy them.






We have just begun to read the story Of Oliver Twist. We watched a clip of the famous dinner scene in the workhouse and used it to inspire a writing burst. We are looking forward to doing more work linked to this when we return to school.





In maths, we have been working really hard developing our rounding skills and consolidating our knowledge of roman numerals. We have also spent a lot of time looking at percentages, decimals and fractions and how to convert them. We completed several tasks, including word problems and physical matching activities. We talked about the place value of a decimal number and how some fractions can be simplified but this does not change their decimal or percentage equivalent. Why not look at some of our super work.







In RE we have been learning about the People of God. We have considered how Christians apply the ideas of freedom and justice to their ways of living in the world today and have looked at how people deal with situations when they are following the commandments, compared to when the commandments are not followed.



In computing we celebrated ‘Safer Internet day’ and we discussed the importance of being a responsible digital citizen. Using what we learnt we created our own super cyber heroes to help give advice to keep others safe online.







In CCCS we have been learning about coastal change and how the weather and the sea has an impact on our coastline. We studied an area undergoing a lot of coastal change and discussed the positive and negative aspects of this. We then learnt about how some features are caused by erosion and others by deposition. We drew instructions to show how some of these were formed.







In PESHR we looked at the flutter -I Know who I am. We considered the term identity and what it meant. We then reflected on our futures and what we would like to achieve. Following this we created our own dream jars.  









Worcester class have been cooking! In our DT lesson this term we have been looking to design and make a dish from another culture. Some of us chose to follow our topic for CCCS this term, which is Ancient Greece, and cook a Greek inspired dish. Whereas, others decided to cook something from their own or another culture.  We had Mexican, Greek, Italian and many more!