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January 2021

Lichfield have been working so hard at home - completing their work as best they can in these difficult circumstances. Have a look below to see what we have been doing and some pictures of the children's amazing work!



In English this month, we have been looking at writing a recount. The children started by recounting their Christmas holidays, focusing mainly on Christmas Day. They learned that to write a recount we must write in first person, past tense and to use adverbials of time. We then practised our recounting skills some more by writing a newspaper report based on the Trojan War - these were very impressive and we had some amazing catchy headlines! Finally, we finished our recount topic by transferring knowledge from our RE lessons and writing a recount based on Moses and the Israelites escape from Egypt.




During our maths lessons we have been learning about factors and prime numbers. We learned how to create a factor tree and how these factor trees can lead us to a numbers 'prime factors'. We debunked the myth that all prime numbers were odd by realising that 2 was also a prime number (the only even one there is!)




Whilst home learning the children have been working hard and showing us their art skills. The children first practiced their drawing skills using one focal point - they watched a video to help explain how to perfect this technique and produced some amazing work. 

We also drew a 'window landscape' - this meant drawing our landscape and then using bright colours to colour it in (some of us used paint and some pencils). After that, we held our drawings up to the window and let the sunlight shine through our pictures - this made our colours stand out even more!




In science, we have been learning about forces! We first completed an investigation where we tested how different materials would have different levels of resistance. We made three parachutes and only changed one thing, for some this was the material of the parachute and for others this was the size of the parachute. We found that a bigger parachute would fall slower than a smaller one! This is because there is more surface to create resistance.