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January 2021


In English we began the term by learning about the genre recount texts. We learnt about their features and analysed a modelled text. Using our new skills we were then able to plan and write some recounts of our own. Here are two of the texts we wrote. One is a recount based on the Greek story of the Trojan horse, linked to our CCCS topic of the Ancient Greeks- this was written as a news report. The other is a recount of the Israelites escape from Egypt that we have been learning about in our RE lessons. Despite learning at home we worked really hard on these and we hope you enjoy them.










In maths, we began the new term by learning about negative numbers and properties of number. We learnt about terms such as: Factors, multiples, square numbers and cube numbers. This was a lot of new mathematical vocabulary, but Worcester class did brilliantly. Here is some of the work they completed at home on Factors.






In Science for our home learning - we have been learning about the topic Fabulous Forces.  We began by investigating the term force and looking at forces in action around us. Following this we have been carrying out a variety of investigations at home into the forces of:

  • Air resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Friction

Worcester class worked really hard on these investigations at home and especially enjoyed creating parachutes to investigate air resistance. Here are some of their investigations.








In CCCS we have been learning about life in ancient Greek times, we discovered that some things we have today such as democracy and the Olympics originated in Greek times. We also looked at artefacts, which are primary sources of evidence and thought about what we can learn about Greek life from the images depicted on these. We learnt that they are more valuable than secondary sources and we enjoyed sketching images of these. Here are some of our Greek vases.






In PESHR we have been learning about - life and relationships. We considered the fact that many of us hold stereotypes about people and we investigated what these are. Here are some posters we made to show what our super learning.






At home in our remote learning Worcester class have really enjoyed participating in a number of art activities. Here is some work from 2 of our recent tasks on using one focal point perspective and the other on sketching a landscape.









Finally in French we have built on our learning about Family from the autumn term. We revisited our learning and then used some old and new vocabulary to describe members of our families. Take a look at our amazing work.