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January 2021

Starting 2021 with Remote Learning

Oxford class returned from the Christmas holidays to start their new butterfly 'Amazing African Adventures' for their remote learning. The butterfly focuses on life in Africa, through a book called 'Anna Hibiscus' song'. The children have enjoyed completing many different activities relating to this butterfly, and have found out lots of great facts about Africa. 

Anna Hibiscus' Song



Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa....Amazing Africa. This is how our storied started. Each day we turned to a new page and slowly became familiar with Anna Hibiscus, her life and her family. Anna asks her family what they do when they are happy. She asks her Grandfather who said he counts all the reasons on one hand, her Aunties who cook pounded yam, her cousins who move in different ways, her uncle who dances and her mother who gives her a big hug and tells her how much she loves her. When Anna is happy, she likes to sing! Through looking at this book, we performed African dances, created story maps, created African necklaces, found out how to make pounded yam, spoke about our own favourite foods, and completed many different exciting activities related to Africa. 





In Maths, we have been focusing on numbers 8-10. Each week, we focused on one number and how we form that number, compose that number and represent that number. We have had to think of different ways to represent our numbers using things that we have at home, such as representing with blueberries, pasta, cheerios and cars! We have thought about using full sentences to say what we have found out in Maths, especially when thinking about our number bonds. We can refer to these as our 'parts' and 'wholes'. For example, '6 and 4 are my parts, 10 is my whole', or 'There are 10 cars altogether'. 

Choosing Time


During our choosing time, we get to pick from a variety of activities. We have activities for maths, literacy, small world (role play and using figures), construction, creative and funky fingers. Each of these activities help us to develop the skills needed to reach our Early Learning Goals at the end of the year. We have painted using cotton buds, used foil to practice our writing, cut playdough to strengthen our fine motor skills, made shapes and pasta necklaces, found sounds in foam, build our own models and made our own African animals, amongst many other things!