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January 2022

What a busy Spring it has been! This half-term the class has been focussing on learning about tigers and Chinese New Year. We have also been learning all about the Christian story of the creation in RE. We have been reading a fantastic story, Augustus and his Smile, and finding out all about tigers. We have learnt that tigers are the largest cats and live in India and China. We have been also finding out all about tigers' striped pattern. Did you know that each tiger's pattern of stripes is unique? We have been enjoying getting messy and making prints of tigers' striped pattern using paint and shaving foam. 

In Religious Education we have been learning all about the Christian story of the creation. We talked about the days in which Christians believe God created the Universe. We had an interesting discussion about why he might have created light first. Somebody in our class suggested it was because he was worried about all the animals being able to see and wanted them to be safe. We have also been exploring the sense of wonder that Christians feel towards creation. We have been writing bug inspired rhymes, using our creative skills to make butterflies and exploring the world of creation at our small world table.