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January 2022

As we start a new year, Gibraltar class have continued to work hard developing our skills in a range of areas. We hope that you enjoy looking at some of our fantastic work.



In English, we have been using a visual literacy clip based on the music video- Titanium to inspire our writing.

We have developed our use of descriptive language and used this to create tension and atmosphere. We have discussed key events and predicted what might have happened and we have added in dialogue showing what could have been said at particular moments in the video. Finally, we put this all together and wrote our own version of the story. 













In maths, we have been learning about Algebra.

We reviewed how letters and shapes can take the place of a value. E.g.

a + b = 10            

 +     = 6.5            

cf = 18 

We learnt that when a value is next to a number, for example 3a, that we need to multiply the numbers together

So 3a = 3 x a. We also learnt that when it is shown in fraction format that it means to divide. E.g.   








In Science, Gibraltar class have been really enjoying learning about how our bodies work. Over the Christmas break they made some amazing presentations to explain either: Why red blood cells are important, why we need oxygen or how water is transported through our body. Building on this in class we have made some super games to help others to test their knowledge.





CCCS- Music

In music, we used a range of percussion instruments to create our own short musical compositions that represent the journey of a river. We considered the effects of tempo, duration and texture and applied these to our work.