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July 2021


This term, Lichfield Class were given the challenge of creating a prototype for a new bridge to go over the river Thames. We learnt about: suspension, arch, cantilever and beam bridges and looked at different types of these bridges all over the world. We then designed our own bridge, we thought about what material we would need for our prototype and how we would make it strong enough to hold a weight - most of us decided to use foil and cardboard. 


Olympic day!

During WOW week, each year group were given an Olympic country to represent. In Year 5, we were allocated the country of China! Lots of us dressed up in red and yellow to represent the colours of the Chinese flag and we learnt lots of interesting facts about the food they eat, the language they speak and the buildings in China. We also looked at how China celebrates their New Year - we watched some dragon dances and recreated their movements using the dragons we created. Some of us decided to build our dragons by using paper that overlaps to create a 'slinky' and others decided to use paper chains. 


101 flutter

For one afternoon this term, we were looking at our 101 booklets and finding an activity that we had not completed before and we decided to create kaleidoscopes. We used cardboard tubes, such as ones from inside kitchen roll or wrapping paper; tin foil, to act as a mirror; and bright beads and sequins! Once we put our kaleidoscopes to the light and turned them they created some great patterns for us to look at.