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June 2021


Lichfield have been writing spooky stories! We have looked at the features of a spooky story and how they are effective in making the reader feel scared. We have written the beginning of a spooky story, ensuring we leave it on a cliff hanger so that the reader wants to find out more. Lichfield's stories are full of mystery and wonder. Have a look at the stories we practised writing! 



In maths, we have been recapping fractions. We first reminded ourselves how to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions, using diagrams to support us. We were then able to multiply fractions and mixed numbers by whole numbers by turning our whole number into an improper fractions. We learnt that turning a whole number into an improper fraction is easy - if the denominator is 1, then the numerator must be your whole number e.g. 4 = 4/1.



In science, we have been testing the air resistance of a parachute. We discussed how gravity is the force that pulls an object down to the ground, however this is slowed down by air resistance, which is an upwards force. In our investigation, we changed two variables these were: the weight attached to the parachute and the size of the parachute. We found that the bigger the parachute the more air resistance there was and the more weight there was on the parachute, the faster it fell.