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June 2021


Earlier this term, we developed our understanding of figurative language and explored the poem- ‘The Highwayman,’ by Alfred Noyles. We put ourselves into the role of some of the key characters: Bess, The Highwayman and Tim the Ostler. We wrote character descriptions and diary entries to explain what they were like and how they felt. Following this we became reporters - we hot-seated the characters asking them a variety of open and closed questions. Using our findings, we then wrote a news report about the death of the infamous Highwayman.






Now we are applying our language skills to create tension and suspense in our new narrative topic of spooky stories. We are already really enjoying this topic- why not take a look at some of our spooky writing below?






In maths, we have worked really hard to further develop our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. We have practiced adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals along with converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa. Once we were feeling confident, we then applied our skills in a range of problem solving contexts.  










In RE, we have been discussing prayer and how it is different for different faiths. As part of our world faith unit on Islam, we designed our own prayer mats that were symmetrical.










In art, we have been developing our sketching skills and using different mediums. We have investigated perspective, tone and learnt how to create textures too. Recently, as part of our Olympic flutter- ‘Unity in Diversity.’ We sketched still life images of sports equipment that is used in the Olympics using Charcoal. Our work was so amazing that we put it up on our class display board.









In science, we have recently completed our topic ‘Properties of Materials,’ during which we learnt about changes that are both reversible and irreversible. To conclude this topic we wrote an explanation text entitled- the journey of a snowman ensuring that we included our scientific vocabulary.





To conclude our science learning, we are now taking the opportunity to revisit our forces topic-that was covered in lock down. Over the next few lessons, we are going to be carrying out a range of practical investigations. This week we investigated air resistance by making different size parachutes and adding different weights. We then tested these on the playground. Why not ask us what we learnt?