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June 2021

Unity in Diversity



This half term, our butterfly has been all about the Olympics. We have had lots of fun getting to know all of the different Olympic sports and even trying some of them out during our PE lessons. We are learning all about Japanese culture as the Olympics is in Tokyo this year, and we have even learnt how to say some words in Japanese. 




During Literacy, we have learnt the story of Momotaro, which is a Japanese story. Momotaro was a very brave boy who fought all of the demons who were not being nice to the people in his village. We created actions to the story in order to remember it, and then wrote our own version of the story using the new characters we had invented. 





For our maths lessons, we have continued to get a deeper understanding of our number bonds to 10. Mrs Ball set us a task of helping her to make number bond to 10 cakes because some of her ingredients had been covered in water. We made the cakes with marshmallows to show different number bonds. For example, we had 5 pink marshmallows and 5 white marshmallows. 




Here are some of the other fun things we have been doing during our choosing time. Please remember to look at Tapestry regularly to see what we have been up to.