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March 2021

Back to school!


We were very excited to finish remote learning and return to school for the last few weeks of Spring 2. We have very much enjoyed playing with each other again and learning exciting new things. We carried on with our Butterfly 'Who's been eating my porridge?' and for the last couple of weeks before we break up for Easter, we will be learning about The Easter Story and why it is so important to Christians. 




During our Literacy work, our teachers have been looking at what we can do now after our remote learning. They were very pleased to find out that we have been doing such hard work at home, so we are more confident now with our writing. We have been thinking about capital letters and full stops and trying to use these in our writing. Along with writing letters to the Three Bears to say sorry from Goldilocks, we also wrote about pictures of our own family and wrote instructions to make porridge. We then made and ate the porridge! 





During Maths, we have been learning about odd and even numbers. One of our choosing activities was to sort the different numbers between Odd Todd and Even Steven. We enjoyed jumping on the numbers in the outside area and saying whether they were an odd or even number. We also learnt about doubles of a number and found different ways to show this. One way was by doubling the ladybird spots. 



We have also enjoyed all the great activities we have around the classroom every day, such as reading with torches in our secret tent, dressing up, building, making magic fairy wands and creating beanstalks!