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March 2021

Our Learning in March

This month our class book is 'SHORT and SPOOKY!' by Louise Cooper.

We have read some of the stories and have written some spooky stories of our own.
In maths we have been learning how to calculate the mean (add the numbers in the set and divide by the number within the set), learnt how to calculate missing angles (including calculating the number of degrees within a shape using the formula (n-2) x 180).
In science we have been learning about light. We have learnt: that light travels in straight lines, that prism's refract light creating a rainbow of colour, that changing the density of the object that you look through distorts the light (if you look through a glass, a straw will appear bent) and we have learnt about the colour spectrum.
In CCCS we have designed and are in the process of making our own pencil cases. We looked at some existing products, have drawn what we would like our finished product to look like and have practised sewing different stitches. Some of us even used our new skills at home to adapt an item of clothes for Red Nose Day.
In RE we have been learning about Humanism. People who are humanists believe that they only have one life, they should make their lives useful, they appreciate every living thing, they do not believe in the after life.
In PE coach has been teaching us how to play hockey. We have learnt how to hold the hockey stick, how to pass the ball with the hockey sticks, how to keep control of the ball, how to aim, how to score and the rules of the game.
We have also supported Comic Relief. We were able to wear red clothes to school.