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Christ Church (Erith)

C of E Primary School

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May 2021


This term, in CCCS, we have been thinking about our aspiration for the future. We talked about all the different opportunities that we have now and in the future and showed our class members different talents we have such as, playing musical instruments, art work and hobbies.

We explained why we would like to be scientists, nurses and artists relating reasons why linking them to experiences like family member’s jobs, the NHS and Covid.

Here are some of our aspirations for you to read.




In art, we wanted to learn how to weave and looked at a video about the country of Ghana and how they have produced fabric using a traditional Kente weaving method. We learnt about the culture of people in Ghana and what the symbols on the fabrics they produce represent. They use many different materials such as, cloth, silk or cotton to create beautiful patterns. As a class, we recreated these styles using different coloured paper, then with a black pen drew symbols in repeated patterns, eventually turning our creations into a weaved bag.



In DT, we have investigated how cogs, cams and levers can be used to make an object move. We wanted to make moving toys to link with our ‘WWF’ work. The ‘WWF’ wanted us to come up with some designs which could help to raise money and so we decided to research endangered animals during out ICT lesson and come up with moving toys which showed the animals which need protecting. They have asked schools to provide prototypes that they could mass produce. We then designed, created and evaluated our own moving toys. Here are some of our marvellous creations.