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May 2021


This term, in English, we have been exploring the world of Pandora, based on the film 'Avatar'. The children describe the planet of Pandora, using some great relative clauses. They even created their own animal to live there, these were based on the strange, fictitious animals of Pandora that we watched clips of. 

We watched a short clip of the Na'vi's home being destroyed by the humans and thought about how the natives might feel about this. We wrote amazing diary entries that used emotive language and put them on our class display board. 

Finally, we finished our topic by writing our own narrative based on the Na'vi people and the planet of Pandora. We put our own spin on the story and changed certain characters to create a fantastic, imaginative story. 



In art, we have been looking at traditional Kente weaving. We learnt that Kente weaving comes from the country of Ghana, where they often use cloth, silk or cotton to create beautiful patterns. As a class, we recreated this skill by weaving bags from different coloured paper. We decorated them with different patterns so that they looked similar to the designs we had seen from Ghana. 



In DT, we have been looking at how to create a moving toy. We were given the briefing 'WWF want to raise money and have decided to sell moving toys inspired by the animals they protect. They have asked schools to provide prototypes that they could mass produce'. We learnt about cams, levers and followers and how they can be used in a toy. We then created our own moving toys using cardboard, dowling rods and paint. Have a look at the amazing things we created!