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November 2020

Come and Join the Celebration!

This half-term our CCCS Butterfly is all about celebrations, festivals and special days.

We have begun by exploring Remembrance Day and learning about poppies.

Here we are practising our fine motor skills by using cotton buds to fill the poppies:



We have used poppies in our maths work by making different arrangements of 5:


We have also used some fruits to make poppy print pictures:



We have been learning about the festival of Diwali and how it is celebrated by people in the Hindu and Sikh communities.

We listened to the story of 'Rama and Sita' and the children used character puppets to act out parts of the story.



In our dolls' house the families have been celebrating Diwali by lighting candles and giving each other presents - the children have enjoyed role-playing the celebrations.


We have been making our own Diva lamps from clay - we shaped them with our fingers and decorated them using sparkling gems.  We will be bringing them home where our adults can light them for us with careful supervision.  If you light your Diva at home please share a photo on Tapestry so we can add it to your Learning Journal.



Check back soon to see which other special days we have been learning about and through.

Parents - don't forget you can see your child's individual learning journal on Tapestry with many more photos of the exciting learning opportunities.