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November 2022

The children have been working hard developing and extending their maths skills. This half-term we have been looking at different ways of the representing the number five and understanding 'more' and 'fewer'. This week the children have been comparing the number of objects in 2 sets by matching them 1:1. Seeing that objects in some sets can be matched without any being left over helps draw the children’s attention to instances when the quantities of objects are equal. In groups we challenged each other to build a tower of five with wooden blocks. We discussed the results. What is the same? What is different?

In literacy, we have been exploring the book 'Immi's Gift'. The children have enjoyed the story of a girl from the North Pole who mysteriously exchanges gifts with children from far away. We extended our learning by finding out about the North Pole. We Looked at an inflatable globe to identify the polar regions. We discovered where we live in relation to the poles. We talked about when we had been on long journeys and how we might get to the Pole and how far away it is. The children decided a boat or an aeroplane would be best. Well done Oxford!