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October 2021


In our English lessons we have been learning about biographies, which are an account of someone’s life written by someone else. We researched famous superheroes in class and then wrote biographies about a super hero of our choice. We practised using our transferrable skills like expanded noun phrases and punctuation for parenthesis to add excitement for the reader. We also learned about cohesive devices and have begun to use them in our work. 










In Maths, we have been learning about fractions. We practiced how to simplify fractions using our knowledge of equivalent fractions from year 5. Then we learnt how to multiply and divide fractions finding the highest common multiple to simplify the answer. 








In RE we have been discussing the big question ‘Creation and Science- Conflicting or Complementary?’ We have debated whether science can be used to answer the how with regards to creation and we sorted statements using a scale from ‘All Christians agree’ to ‘No Christians agree’.



In Science we have been learning about the role of bees and butterflies. Gibraltar class are quite passionate about the need for conservation. We were sad to hear that numbers of bees and butterflies have been reducing due to a reduction in appropriate habitats. Therefore we decided to research plants or flowers that would attract bees and butterflies and we designed a flower bed/garden that we could have at Christ Church to do our bit. We then wrote a letter to Mrs Ball to ask her about it.