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Rochester's December Blog


In English this term we have been using The Piano as inspiration for stories using flashback to create atmosphere.




It tells the story of a man looking back on his life as he plays a sad melody on the piano. We started by learning how to choose and use precise language for effect and how we can use a range of sentence structures to change the pace and tension within a piece of writing. 



This half term we have been using our knowledge of fractions to help us solve problems. We also practised using division to find decimal equivalents. 




In science we have been learning about Electricity. We began by thinking about all the different ways that our world used electricity and what life would be like without it. Then, we learned about famous scientists and innovators who had improved or used inventions using their knowledge and understanding of electricity. 

After this we investigated Volts and discovered that different appliances require a different amount of voltage and drew circuit diagrams to show how a complete circuit uses all of its components to be successful. 

We then set up an investigation to find out if the length of a wire could alter to the brightness of a bulb.