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Rochester's June Blog 2021


In English this half term we have been learning about non-narrative writing. We started by watching and researching famous speeches throughout history and thought about the importance and purpose of writing and giving speeches. We then thought about our aspirations for the future and the work that we will need to do to achieve them. 

After watching Barack Obama's speech to new students, we imagined ourselves 15 years in the future. We imagined that we had been invited back to Christ Church to speak to the children and share our achievements, explain our journey to get there and motivate the students. We focused on using formal language and modal verbs to enhance the message in our speeches. 


We have also been learning about instructional texts, we wrote a set of instructions for looking after a new mythical creature. We discussed how relative clauses can add detail and why detail would be so important in this text type. 


This half term we have been learning how to calculate the area of triangles and parallelograms using a formula. We learned that a triangle is half of a quadrilateral- therefore the formula is Base x height ÷ 2. We also learned that a parallelogram is a quadrilateral so the formula of length x width does not change. 

We have also been learning how to solve problems, including ratio problems, using the bar method and using the laptops during our maths boosters to revise our Year 6 skills. 

CCCS- History

This half term we are conducting our own research project on an ancient civilisation of our choice. For homework, we researched and chose our own topics, some of the ones we have chosen are: The Greeks, The Romans, The Benin Kingdom, The Mayans, The Indus Valley and the Aztecs. We researched our chosen area and brought the information we had found to school. Then we paired up with our classmates that have chosen the same topic to share and compare facts! We then planned out the types of information that we would like to include in our projects and are working together to explore these ancient kingdoms!

Unity in Diversity- The Olympics and Paralympics


The Olympics this summer will be held in Tokyo, Japan and Rochester Class are preparing for the excitement! We started by looking at the history of the games and how The Paralympics were established after the Second World War. We learned that The Paralympics started in the UK to help soldiers returning from war with spinal injuries. 

We also learned about The Olympic and Paralympic Values and thought about how these are demonstrated through the games and in everyday life. 

RE- Kingdom of God

In RE we have started our new topic 'Kingdome of God'. We have been exploring the Christian belief in heaven and finding the links between the parables that Jesus told and the belief of heaven as The Kingdom of God. 



We have been learning about the dangers that exist on the railways and how to keep ourselves safe. We created some posters to help inform others.