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Rochester's March Blog 2021


This term we have been practising our written methods. We have been focusing on Long division and applying it to Problem solving. 



We have also been learning how to find the values of missing interior angels in triangles and quadrilaterals. 

Some of us have been using Place value counters to help us solve tricky problems. 



This half term we have been developing how we use our language to build tension and atmosphere. We started by collecting vocabulary and phrases and building word banks. 


Then we read some spooky short stories. We learned that in a spooky story the language is one of the most important features, as it is this that creates the spooky atmosphere for the reader. We practised using show don't tell to write setting descriptions of an old abandoned house and a forest.


Science- Light

This half term we have been learning about light. We have been learning about refraction and how it can create optical illusions. We conducted an investigation to find out if refraction could make things appear to disappear. 

We did this by drawing a picture on a piece of paper and placing a glass over it, we could still see the image through the glass. However when we added water and looked through the side of the glass the image appeared to disappear! We also drew an arrow on a piece of paper and placed it behind a glass of water, for many of us the arrow appeared to become longer but for some it completely changed direction, this is because of refraction. 



We have also been learning about Isaac Newton's Theory of Colour. We made colour wheels that represented the different colours that Newton found within light, when we spun the wheels quickly the colours disappeared and the wheel appeared white! 

CCCS- Make your Mark!


This half term our Butterfly is titled 'Make your Mark!' we are focusing on art and DT and have been researching and experimenting with weaving to create textiles. 


We have been developing our own design criteria to create our own pencil cases and have been practising our sewing skills on card in preparation for making them. We learned three basic stitches: Whip stitch, Running stitch and Back stitch. Here are some photographs of our work so far.




RE- Humanism


This half term we have been learning about Humanism and researching the values that Humanists have. We have also been thinking about about their values impact on their everyday lives and reading quotes from famous humanists. 



We have been discussing why The Easter Story is so important for Christians and trying to answer the big question: Why do Christians believe Jesus died?'


We have created some pieces of art to explore this question.