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Rochester's March Blog


In English we have been focusing on narratives this month. We began by reading the 'Short and Spooky' story The Kind Stranger. We explored how language and text structure help to create atmosphere and tension and used these skills to innovate this story. 


After this, we pulled apart the structure of the story and how clues are threaded throughout which lead to a final twist. We have been planning our own stories and learning how to leave clues for the reader without giving away the twist at the end! 



In maths we have been learning about 2d and 3d shapes, translation and reflection. We started by reviewing our prior knowledge about the properties of quadrilaterals. We used this game to help us identify the properties and sort shapes. 


We have also been learning about the properties of circles and have been finding ways to remember the circle specific vocabulary: Circumference, radius and diameter. 

Some of us created hand gestures to help us! 


In art we have been completing a project about Self Portraits. We looked at a variety of different self portraits and thought about the style, medium and which ones inspired us. We then used these to create a sketchbook page where we tried out our ideas and experimented with different mediums. We also researched an artist or designer who inspires us as part of our homework an created a presentation to show to the class and inform our own work. 





Then we chose which medium we would like to use to create our own self portraits and created our own artworks inspired by our research.