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Rochester's May Blog 2021


This half term we have been reading Skellig by David Almond and learning about the language and structural features of newspapers. We have written newspaper articles about the day that Michael discovered Skellig in his garage. We focused on using a formal style of language, passive and modal verbs.





In maths this half term we have been focusing on using our number skills to help us to solve problems involving area, volume and mean. We have also been writing and using formulas to find unknown numbers 




In art this half term we have been learning about Sir Anthony Gormley. We started by learning about his work and how he is inspired by the connection between human beings and nature. We created sketch book pages with our favourite artworks and designed our own sculptures inspired by them. 

We used air drying clay to create our own sculptures. 





In Geography this half term we have been learning about river systems and identifying the different features. 





We have also been identifying the human and physical features of The Lake District in the UK and the Amazon Basin. 


This half term we have been thinking about how Design and Technology impacts and shapes our everyday lives. We have been thinking about wearable technology and exploring how it has made a difference to modern life. We then thought of some problems that still did not have any technology to help solve it and invented our own wearable technology. Some of us innovated existing products and some of us designed something completely new!



In Year 6 this half term we have been learning about legal and harmful substances and how they affect our bodies. We then explored the ways that we can keep ourselves safe. We created posters to share this information with others. 




In Science this half term we have been learning about adaptation and evolution. We have been learning about Charles Darwin and how he came to his theories when studying finches in The Galapagos Islands. We have also been exploring how different scientists have used fossils as evidence for evolution. 

We had a science morning where we focused on our working scientifically skills to explore the ideas of adaptation and evolution. We had a number of challenge questions, for example: What is the best shaped foot for a bird who swims? 

We set up and conducted a number of investigations, here are some of the pictures from our day: