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Rochester's November Blog


The people of Benin were amazing craftsmen and we have been learning about The Benin Bronzes. We have been taken inspiration from these to design our own jewellery. 




In History we have been learning about The Ancient Kingdom of Benin. We started by looking at the geography of the kingdom and where it was in modern day Nigeria. Then we researched and looked at a range of sources to investigate what we could find out through them. 

We also learned about how the kingdom developed and how the different dynasty's came to rule. We made a story board about Eweka to help us remember the facts. 


In maths we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We have been learning how to simplify, add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. We then used these skills to solve complex problems. 


We have also been learning how to calculate the equivalents for decimals, percentages and fractions. 




This half term we have been learning about electricity. We started by thinking about what life would be like if it had never been invented. Then, we researched some innovators in the science of electricity.


Then we learned how to use symbols to create circuit diagrams. 


This half term we have been learning how to keep our bodies healthy in various ways such as eating a healthy diet, looking after her mental wellbeing and learning about how substances impact on health. We designed these posters to teach people about the impact that alcohol can have on health. 



Lights Off For Climate Change!  


Here is some of our art that we created during our afternoon learning about climate change. We used a skill that we have learned this year- single point perspective. We created artworks to show how the world could be if we take good care of it and what might happen if we don't.