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Rochester's September Blog


In English we have been learning how to build atmosphere using grammar and exciting vocabulary. One of the skills we have been working on, is using ‘show don’t tell’.

This means that instead of telling you how a character is feeling:

 He was scared

We give the reader clues:

His eyes widened as his blood turned cold. 


We have been using the animation ‘Roads end’ to inspire our writing. It is the story of a mysterious stranger who tricks passers-by into becoming kind victims. We began by practising our language skills and put our ideas together to create a class poem. Then we planned and wrote newspaper articles, reporting the catastrophe on the cliff.





In Maths we have been reviewing and developing our skills for rounding whole numbers to the nearest ten, thousand and ten-thousand.

We remember this rhyme to help us.

 5 to nine climb the vine, 0 to 4 slide to the floor.


We then used these skills to help us to estimate when problem solving. Most people use this skill in real life when they are shopping. We often round numbers to the nearest 10p or pound without even thinking!

We have also been using our rucsacs when solving multi step addition and subtraction problems.

We have been:

1. Reading the question carefully

2. Checking that we understand the question

3. Then we choose the correct operation

4. Solve the problem

5. Answer the question

6. And check


We have been using lots of different techniques to help us understand the question. We can break it up into smaller parts, draw the problem, use resources to help us with our calculations or use a written method.



In RE we are exploring Creation and asking whether religion and science are conflicting or complimentary. We read the Christian Creation story from The Book of Genesis which describes how God created the Earth and everything on it in 7 days. Here is some of our art that was inspired by this story.  


Then, we learned about Cosmology. This is the theory that the universe was formed from a single explosion that is known as The Big Bang. We also read about the theory of Evolution which describes how all living things evolved and adapted over time to become the species that we recognise today.

We will be exploring whether these theories have any similarities or differences and questioning if these theories conflict or can work together.