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The Story of Zahra 13/01/2020

Our story begins with a young girl who collects water from a well.



She carries her water jug through the scorching African midday sun...



...across the savannah to a dying Boabab tree.



She pours the water out, and then returns to the water pump to collect more and more water.



The tree is restored and grows leaves to shade Zahra from the sun.

We unpicked the moral of the story to discuss how Zahra's act of kindness (carrying the heavy jar of water to the tree and back to the water pump, over and over again) was reciprocated by the tree growing leaves and shading her from the sunshine.

We discussed other stories we knew of, in which the protagonist performed an act of kindness, which was reciprocated by the other main character. 

From this, we then begin to create our own stories about a young boy in India and a frail, elderly lady. We planned out how he might help her, and then what she might offer to do in return. We gathered together objects to help us with our descriptive writing: