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Their Name Liveth' Forevermore - 05/11/18

As part of our butterfly based on the centenary of World War 1 ending, each class was given a letter of the alphabet to investigate. Wells class looked at Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He was the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian empire but was assissnated in 1914 in Serbia. This action was seen as the trigger that set World War 1 into motion due to many of the alliances made between different countries. 


In Wells class we investigated the alliances that had been set up and how an incident involving 2 nations ended up with a war with over 20 different countries over 5 continents. We identified which countries were involved in the war, and then discussed whose side they were on. 

The Triple Entente included France, Russia and Britain - with their allies Serbia, Belgium, Montenegro, Portugal, Japan, Greece, Romania, China, Brazil, United States. 

The Central Powers included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottaman Empire (Turkey) and Italy. However, Italy swapped sides and started fighting for the Allies in 1915.