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News from the old website...

Find out about some of the exciting events that happen at Christ Church Primary!


DT Club Kite Competition


During half term the members of DT club were set a challenge... make a kite!


Each child was given a pack with instructions and they then had to design and make their own kite. Some children decided to use their own resources which resulted in a range of designs.

The kites were judged under three different categores and the members of DT club voted for the winners.

The categories were:

'Most creatively decorated kite'

'Best kite made from their own design'

'Best Flyer'

All of the children that took part were awarded with a certificate presented by the Chair of Governors and by the vicar of Christ Church in Erith.


We made it onto the News Shopper website!

Click here to read it for yourself!!



                   Important News





As you are aware, all pupils who have named Erith School as a preference on the Common Application Form must sit a compulsory Ability Banding Test at Erith School.

The dates set for this test are Saturday 24th November 2012 and Saturday 1st December 2012. All parents should by now have received a letter with the time and date of their child's test.





To prepare for the Christmas Fayre a challenge has been set to see which class can bring in the most items. Each week a new set of items have been requested and the class that brings in the most items in total will be awarded with a prize!!



FRIDAY 23RD NOVEMBER – Hamper items


For example tins or packets of food, bottles of wine, Christmas crackers, chocolates, plus seasonal items such as mince pies, xmas puddings etc, (remember however to check that the dates are long enough to cover the Christmas period and no fresh food please )




WEDNESDAY 28TH NOVEMBER – Cards, Gifts & Wrap


Today we would like boxes of Christmas cards, wrapping paper, ribbons and bows etc and items that can be sold at gifts (gift sets, unwanted presents etc)




FRIDAY 30TH NOVEMBER – Filled Sweet Jars


This is where we ask you to fill some empty jars with sweets, just start collecting your finished food jars indoors and instead of recycling them give them a good wash out, dry well and fill them up with some tasty sweets and pop the lids back on.  If you want to decorate them too that’s great J






You can send in any items today that you have missed from the other challenge days – they will still be added to your class total




FRIDAY 7TH DECEMBER – Cakes and Toiletries


Today we ask you to bring in cakes (fairy cakes, muffins, slices, they are all welcome) and toiletries (bottles of bubble bath, shower gels, hand creams, soaps, etc)


In return for bringing cakes & toiletries today children can wear their own clothes to school




Gift donations from companies and businesses are also a very important part of preparing for the fair so if you work for a company or regularly use one that you think may be willing to donate a gift to us then please ask them on our behalf, anything from vouchers to prizes that could go into our grand draw raffle would be gratefully received, thank you.




We understand that money is not always plentiful, especially at this time of the year but we really do appreciate your support and remember all monies raised goes back to your children in the school.




We are always looking for volunteers to help at our PTFA events, if you are available on the day to run a stall or help set up or clear away, or can’t be there on the day but still want to do your bit then please let us know. Without volunteers these events cannot take place.




Thank you in advance







The Christmas Fayre



 Our Christmas Fayre was a great success. All of the children involved had a lot of fun and enjoyed the day. Father Christmas did indeed come to our school and he was fantastic!



A big thank you to the PTFA members that organised the fayre and also a big thank you to all of the teachers and other adults that supported this event.








 The Christmas Fayre raised an amazing...



 Thank you to everybody that helped on the day and the days leading up to the fayre.


 A big thank you also to the companies that donated the vouchers, gifts etc.


 Remember we welcome all volunteers for our future events!


 PTFA Penny Blower – Chairperson.






This club is available for children in Year 5 and Year 6 







Diamond Jubilee Sculpture


To tie in with the Clock Tower's 100th anniversary, last June's Diamond Jubilee Celebration was used to officially launch a fundraising campaign to commission a Diamond Jubilee Sculpture of Her Majesty the Queen to fit into the empty south facing niche in the Clock Tower. The campaign is being managed by the Bexleyheath Business Improvement District Partnership and supported by the Council.



On Friday 1st March 2013 we will be taking part in the Jubilee Sculpture Campaign. No other town or city in the UK is undertaking such a project and the aim is to create a spectacular sculptured bust of her Majesty and install it in the Bexleyheath Clock Tower as a lasting tribute for all to see. The fundraising day will involve each school holding a red, white and blue day in which students can dress in their own clothes to fit this theme. Donations of a£1 or more should be given by each child to allow them to wear their own clothes. A minimum of 1 item of red, white or blue must be worn by each student.



For each school that raises over £1,000, the name of that school will be engraved in the plaque that is going to be in front of the Clock Tower. Also each school that participates will receive a certificate from the Partnership.





















World Book Day



To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday the 7th of March, we would like to invite the children to dress up as their favourite book character. Please ensure children are wearing sensible shoes and will be comfortable in their costumes for the entire day.


 On this day children will take part in lots of World Book Day activities to engage and excite them about the wonderful world of reading! If your child has a favourite book at home that they wish to share, they are more than welcome to bring this in and discuss it with the class.


As an added bonus, Scholastic Book Fair will be joining us every afternoon after school on 4th, 5th and 6th of March.


We look forward to seeing some wonderful characters!



 Book Day


We all had a fantastic day learning about books and dressing up. Some of the teachers dressed up as well. Can you guess who they were trying to be?




   Here is a song written and performed by Chester Class




Download (Right-click & select "save link as" or "save target as"...)





Olympian Athlete 



On the 13th of February 2013 we had a very exciting morning!


Every class went into the hall one at a time to complete a set of challenges. We did star jumps, pushups, spotty dogs, and we ran on the spot. We also cheered our classmates on.


We did this to raise money for our future Olympian Athletes. They need money for their training to get them as good as they can be.


After our challenges the whole school went into the hall to meet an important visitor!!




He performed some gymnastics for us which you can see below!






At the end we got to ask him some questions which were very enlightening, I think that some of the children at Christ Church may very well be Olypian Athletes in the future.





Competition Winners!



Earlier in the year we had the opportunity to enter an ICT competition. We had to create a ‘digital artefact’ showing how we use ICT to enhance our learning at home and at school. We entered into the Foundation Stage / Key Stage 1 section and into the Key Stage 2 sections.


We are proud to inform you that Rochester Class in the Key Stage 2 section achieved a special mention and we have been awarded a year subscription to  which is an interactive Geography resource for us all to use at school!


You can see the entry created by Rochester Class  by clicking HERE:



Well done Rochester Class!






We now have some chicks at school!


In Salisbury class we have 9 chicks. The chicks arrived at school on the 25th of February and have been living as eggs in an incubator. On Thursday the 28th of February 2013 the first egg hatched into a beautiful little chick. The last egg hatched on Friday.






Below are some videos of the chicks in action!













A few weeks ago we had some eggs in Salisbury Class. The eggs hatched (if you click here you can see the videos) and we had 9 chicks. The chicks have now grown and we have decided to keep 3 of them at school. The chicks need their own run and coop outside, they need food, and sawdust for bedding. All of these cost money, so it was decided that we would have a sponsored egg and spoon race to raise the money that we need.




Every body had a lot of fun and we raised over £200! Thank you Miss Holdsworth for organising the event!








Earlier this term two children from our school were chosen to meet the Mayor of bexley to recieve an award!


As these children have made an incredible amount of progress in their work they got to meet the Mayor and have their photo taken with him. Also they both recieved a certificate from Bexley.







Well done!!







At the end of every term we visit our local church called Christ Church in Erith.


Our Easter Church Service will take place on Thursday 28th March 2013 at 10am. Everyone is welcome to come and join us.


Each class in key stage 2 will have something to share.





Artist Visit


 This week we have had an artist to visit us at Christ Church. He came to help us create a mural based on the Trinitas Academy and the area that we live in. Children across the school had the opportunity to put forward their designs for mural. The artist looked at the designs and chose various elements from them. Once the design was ready the children in KS2 throughout the school were able to work in groups and join in with the painting.






This is how it looks at the moment. We cannot wait to see it in all its glory on the wall!











Aspiration Week


At the beginning of every term we have a 'setting the scene' week. The topic for the beginning of the summer term is aspirations. We have all been completing work in our classes thinking about what we would like to be when we get older.


Every day the assemblies have focused on a different aspect of aspirations. One of the assemblies had been planned about a famous basketball player, who had achieved his goals and aspirations. However upon returning to school after the Easter holidays, we discovered that we have our own aspirational teacher!


Miss Coventry is a fantastic runner, she has completed 5k runs, 10k runs and has even completed a half marathon. Her ambition was to run an entire marathon! Miss Coventry trained hard, ate all the right foods to give herself energy, and finally was ready to attempt to reach her goal and run in the marathon.


On the 14th of April 2013 there was a marathon planned in Brighton and Miss Coventry was there!!!




She ran for hours and completed the 26.2mile course (that is 42 kilometres!).


Miss Coventry worked hard and reached the aspiration that she had. From this we can be inspired to set our own ambitious aspirations and if we work hard who knows what we will be able to achieve!












On Wednesday the 19th of June 2013 we held our annual Sports Day!


The children had been preparing for a long time during PE sessions to make sure that they were on top form.


KS1 and FS were the first groups to compete. We walked down to the sports centre so that the events could start. Every child took part and had multiple opportunities to show their sporting abilities. We had fantastic helpers from Trinity school to collect each child and get them ready for each race. We had members of the PTFA and the Governing body helping as well.


The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the visitors in the stands also had fun if the cheers were anything to go by!


Cray won with some very close runners up.


KS2 then had their turn to compete. We had the same Trinity helpers who did a fabulous job fetching and monitoring the competitors. Mrs Ball rose to her challenge and made the announcements a joy to listen to!


Medway won in the KS2 half of the day!




A very big THANK YOU to everybody that took part in this event or helped in any way it wouldn't have been possible without you!





Monday 16th September 2013 


Today we met Ivor Goodsite. He taught us all about the machinery and the tools needed in the construction industry. We didn't realise that some of the machines were so big!





As we are having some building work of our own at school, it was fantastic to find out what is happening on our field.


Ivor also taught us how to stay safe!





Harvest 2013 


To celebrate Harvest we all brought in donations of food to school. The food all went into the hall and there was so much that it wouldnt all fit at the front!




 We decided this year to donate our food to the Trussel Trust.




If you click on the picture above then you can find out about the great work that the Trussel Trust does.


Thank you for all of your support!




We received an email from the trussell trust thanking us for our donation!


'Thank you so much for your amazing donation of food. Total weight was 207.4kg and £11 cash donation. We really appreciate your support.







St Thomas More vs. Christ Church

Bexley Schools Football Association Girls' Cup.




On an evening when football fans dreamt of samba and carnivals, the small but vociferous band of parents basking in the Indian summer glow had only one thing on their minds: Christ Church Girls' first football foray of the season.


A series of unfortunate events even Lemony Snicket couldn't have imagined, had whittled a healthy ten girl squad down to a threadbare six. However, the resilient Christ Church girls weren't going to let a small matter of being a player short spoil their fun.


From the whistle the girls chased, harried and closed down the St Thomas players. Claudia and Jessica resolute and commanding in the centre and Aimee, a terrier in the tackle. It was the lively Shalom who created the first clear chance, destroying the St Thomas defence with blistering pace and bringing a save from their keeper. At the other end, Demi was a lonely figure, the purple defensive wall defying and exhausting any threats to her goal. Intelligently exploiting the swathes of empty grass, Holly was a constant threat but that one decisive pass to release her seemed reluctant to arrive. 


After a hard fought contest the teams could not be separated and extra time was agreed upon. The extra girl was now starting to take effect and the Christ Church girls found themselves repelling wave after wave of St Thomas More attacks. Eventually the ball fell fortuitously to a St Thomas striker and Demi could do nothing to stop a short range shot.

An amazing performance from the girls who were very unlucky to lose in the very last minute of extra time after playing so confidently.


Well done to the team and a huge thanks to the travelling support who drowned out the home crowd with their constant encouragement.



Christ Church vs St. Thomas More
Kevin McCarthy Cup
18th October 2013

Buoyed by girl's team's performance and ears chiming with the raucous support of the sharing assembly,

the boys team valiantly set forth to avenge the girl's narrow defeat. However, their confidence quickly

evaporated when they cast bewildered eyes on what appeared to be a sixth formcollege, such was the

colossal size of some of their players. 

A darting break by Daniel in the first minute was curtailed by a clumsy challenge from

a player almost twice his height. However, the referee, juggling the responsibilities of 
unbiased adjudication and coaching Christ Church, was always going to take a 
circumspect approach and no penalty was forthcoming. Given fresh impetus by 
their lucky escape, and benefiting from three years together as a team, the 
Thomas More team proceeded to give a footballing lesson to the purple 
greenhorns. Even with their backs to the wall, the Christ Church team fought for 
every ball and persevered to the end. Daniel sprinted end to end for the full 40 
minutes and Logan worked tirelessly in midfield. Harmeet and Alan used their 
repertoire of tricks to break out of defence, ably assisted by Nathaniel, Samuel 
and Sanaam. Ibukun was an instant rock in defence upon his introduction and it 
seemed that the onslaught was slowly being repelled. The busiest player on the 
field was goal keeper Josh whose heroics and safe hands prevented a more 
considerable defeat. One particularly spectacular diving safe was cruelly 
rewarded by an unlucky ricochet from the post onto the grateful toe of a 
loitering striker.

A huge effort from every player who can be very proud 
considering the quality of the opposition and that this was their first ever 
game together. The Christ Church ethos of support and encouragement was 
paramount throughout and the experience gained will prove invaluable. The fact 
that the post-match reaction from the players was: "when is our next game?" 
speaks volumes for the commitment and enthusiasm shown tonight.






Christ Church vs St Joseph's

Minor Cup Round 1  

7th November 2013

Resplendent in their gleaming new shirts and with a burning determination to soothe scalding memories of their début defeat, the Christ Church boys strode confidently onto the St Joseph's turf. The crimson ribbon clinging onto the horizon offered scant relief from the gathering gloom but the dazzling performance on the pitch soon brightened the hearts of the travelling supporters (The Violet Ultras?). Daniel's blinding pace quickly mesmerised the St Joseph's defence and Alan and Logan crackled and sparkled in midfield. However, their opponents soon grew resilient to the Christ Church firepower and a breakaway move left Josh helpless.

Christ Church were not going to let this setback extinguish their glowing start and a powerful run and a thunderbolt from Harmeet levelled the scores. With the pungent scent of victory now burning their nostrils, Christ Church turned up the heat and bright finishes from Alan and Daniel (2) relaxed the nerves. Almost too relaxed as St Joseph's stole through the to pull a goal back. In the ethereal twilight with tensions simmering the boys held firm for their first ever victory.

Huge congratulations to the boys for an excellent all round performance and for the character and perseverance they displayed.



Christ Church vs. Belvedere

Digger Dane Trophy Round 2

8th November 2013

And so it came to pass that a plague of precipitation was vested on the green fields of Erith and vengeful storm clouds unleashed their fearsome load. Huddled anxiously in the Great Hall, parents gazed up to the heavens and prayed for a miracle (or preferably a cancellation call). Neither was forthcoming and there was great joy and jubilation amongst the playing members of the assembled throng. 

And so the mighty troops of Christ Church braved the thunderous deluge and ventured forth to face the knights of Belvedere. These were mighty foes, fleet of foot and intimidating in combat. In a relentless assault, not once but thrice, the beleaguered Christ Church lines were breached. However, as swiftly as it had arrived, the storm dispersed and the tide turned. The purple crusaders laid siege to the Belvedere barricades and came agonisingly close to piercing the seemingly interpretable wall. However, it was not to be and Belvedere rallied again to lay waste to the weary Christ Church defences.

Arise brave knights: Daniel, Harmeet, Ibukun, Josh, Logan, Samuel and Taylor. With hearts of oak and the courage of lions, the school is proud of you.






Christmas Jumper Day



Today we all wore Christmas jumpers to raise money for 'A Room for Rosie'. Rosie has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme grade 4. She may only have 12 - 18 months to live. She shares a bedroom with her sister, as her condition worsens she we will need her own room. We raised £423.56 to support this cause.


Here are some of us in our spotty jumpers.









Cribs Christmas Play 

11th December 2013


Cribs comes to our school every year to tell us the Christmas story through a play. It amazes us that every year they can tell the same story but still tell it in a new way.

This year the Cribs team decided to make a film, some of the characters were very amusing including the Nazareen with a french accent......

We loved it and cant wait for Easter to see the next one!



All of the teachers watching the performace loved it as well, especially the ones photographed by Mr Coston!





Christ Church Carolathon

12th December 2013




We usually hold our annual carolathon in Bexleyheath but this year we sang on our playground at the front of the school. A lot of children came to join in and even some of the adults too! We sang lovely Christmas carols and raised money for Rosie. 


If you would like to find out more about Rosie then please click on the link below.







Wednesday 4th June






On Wednesday 4th June Year 5 students from St Paul’s and Canterbury went to the Erith Leisure Centre to participate in a swimming gala. There was a range of races ranging from the float race to freestyle.





The gala was an amazing experience…when you came up for air you could hear your name being chanted. It was enjoyable watching other people and cheering them. (William)



It was my turn, I was doing the float race. You had to hold a float in front of you and kick your legs. I was scared and excited at the same time. Thankfully I won and got 5 points. When I hi-fived and showed my year 5 teammates my card some of them thought I had come fifth!!!




I was in the piggyback race with Humna. As I walked closer to the pool, my heart raced faster and faster... I slowly got into the pool then Humna carefully got on my back. She was quite light so it was quite easy. Suddenly the lady holding the whistle blew it and I ran for my life. Humna was very worried that she would fall over but I held her tight. We were leading . All the others were far behind. There was only one metre left and then I hit the line. The crowd was full of cheering, even the other schools. It felt like Christmas…





Christ Church came third out of five schools, which was an amazing achievement especially as they were competing against year 6 children. The children were incredibly supportive and encouraging and had a wonderful time. At the end, Mrs Charge and I were beaming with pride at our outstanding children.


(Mr Watson)