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07.02.2019 - Outstanding Octo Poems!

In St Albans class our butterfly has been all about under the sea! We have been learning facts about the wonderful octopus and we used our knowledge to help us write wonderful poems:


Octopus Acrostic Poem

Oceans are my home. So sweet, the oceans are filled with fresh fishy delight!

Crabs and clams are my favourite treat! Walking through the ocean filled with amazement!

Truthful is fishy delight and I live for three years.

On the sea ground, there where I dwell, blending in the ocean which is odd.

Powerful tentacles, prey filled with fear.

Under the sea I squirt my ink, dark blue ink.

Swimming gracefully through the harsh sea filled with snappy sharks who want to: eat me!

By Divinefavour Adekanmbi


Over the sea, the big, beautiful, blue midnight zone where I live.

Carefully I go to catch my prey. I eat orange, long crab claws.

Twirling, I turn and dance all the way home!

Opening my mouth I breathe oxygen.

Proud, I leap, I swim perfectly above the super, sandy ocean floor.

Unbelievably, scientists have found out I have two legs!

Sliding everywhere I am coming to you!

By Shrisha Shrestha


Oh my! How much tentacles does an octopus have!

Confidently he glides searching for prey.

The tentacles of an octopus are blood red.

Ocean waves are my beautiful home.

Perfect suction-cups stuck under my tentacles.

Unfortunately I will live for 1-3 years but why?

Squirting oily, opaque ink so haha you can’t see through it!

By Teddy Burns