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St Paul's October Blog 2021

Welcome to St Paul’s October Blog! Keep reading to find out all of the skills and knowledge we have been developing.


In English we have been working really hard to develop the skills in our Writer’s Toolkit, such as fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and similes. Our focus text has been the story of Bill’s New Frock. We learnt the text in depth and then drafted our own writing based on similar ideas.



In Maths we have been enjoying going into more depth in place value and decimals. This understanding was transferred to real-life scenarios, for example using money. We have also been looking at different measurements and estimated the mass and length of items in the classroom. We worked out that the table is a lot heavier than a glue stick!


In CCCS we have really enjoyed identifying different genres of music throughout American history, such as Jazz and Rock and Roll. We thought about which instruments were used and how the artists were feeling at the time.

In Science we have been identifying different parts of the food chain and working out which organisms are the different producers and consumers.

In PESHR we have been learning about the benefits of exercise. We did a Joe Wicks workout and thought about how it affected our bodies, then we made a poster to illustrate the impacts of exercise.