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October 2021


In Salisbury Class this term, we have been learning new skills and knowledge. See below for more details:


In English, we have been learning the story of 'Bill's New Frock'. We loved it so much that we decided to read it as a class at the end of each day. We identified the main language features, such as fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases. We then went on to invent our own story based on 'Jill's New Trousers'. 



In maths, we have been diving in deeper into the topic of place value. We have learnt how to estimate different measures. We were shocked to find out that a bag of pasta was 500g, which was way off our estimation of 25g. We have also been comparing and ordering money, which linked in to our learning on decimals. 




In PESHR, we have been looking at the benefits of exercise. During this, we tested our pulse rate before and after exercising. We found out that the rate went up after exercising, meaning that when we exercise our heart gets stronger and healthier. 





In CCCS, we have been looking at the different genres of music throughout time. We loved listening to the different music genres and identifying the different instruments used. We went on to create a timeline, explaining what instruments were used and in what era. 



In Science, we have been looking at food chains. We identified what the different parts of the food chains are called and went on to write a report based on this.