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March 2022

We have been studying Our Local Area and The Romans this month, as well as learning about plants.



This month, as we look forward to Spring, we have been planting sunflower seeds and discovering what plants need to grow well. We have also been learning about the life cycle of flowering plants.



We had a short trip to Erith town centre as part or our geography lessons this month. We completed a survey of the services and shops in Erith. 



We also wrote fact files about Erith in our English lessons. 



We have been learning about the Romans and we had great fun doing some drama and a debate about whether we, as Ancient Britons should join Queen Boudicca in her fight against the Romans. The Romans brought useful things to Britain. However, the Ancient Britons were not keen to give up their farmland, corn and wool to the Romans. Would you have joined Boudicca's rebellion?



We have been learning how to read clocks with Roman numerals this month. Have you seen a clock with Roman numerals in any of our local towns?