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Winchester's May Blog - 28/05/21

In English, we have been looking at fantasy stories. We watched a short clip of a story called 'Something Fishy.' It was all about how a girl saw a glow inside her washing machine and she climbed inside to investigate. She found herself in an underwater setting. She met sock fish and scary shark trousers. We innovated this story and changed the setting, so that when the girl enters the washing machine she finds herself inside a jungle. We discussed what we would find in our jungle and used our senses to describe the setting. The children loved this as we closed our eyes and imagined we were the girl entering the jungle and discussed what we would come across. 



In Maths, we started looking at measurement. We investigated capacity and used different amounts of water in cups to show a quarter full, half full, nearly full and full. We used cubes to help us measure how many units of water we had in each container. During our measurement topic we made playdough with the children and we measured out the ingredients we needed to use. This was lots of fun and the children brought their playdough home. After looking at capacity we moved on to addition and subtraction skills. We were identifying how to find a missing number when balancing equations. 

For example,  We had 3+1 = 2+? 

The children used cubes to identify the total they needed on each side and then used their addition and subtractions facts to identify the missing number. This was really tricky but the children loved the challenge and worked really hard! 



Our CCCS topic is 'London's Burning', which focuses on 'The Great Fire of London'. We have linked our CCCS topic to all subjects we have taught in the last week of term. We have been looking at facts about 'The Great Fire of London' and deciding if they are true or false. We have written an information text all about the tragic event. We have created fire carts that move in our DT lessons. We have been looking at what primary and secondary colours we would need to paint pictures of the bakery, fire and Samuel Pepys. We have looked at the materials that were used to make houses in Science. We have been very busy designing and creating lots of objects that will support our understanding of the  'The Great Fire of London' and the children have loved it!