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March 2022

It's Nearly Easter!


March has yet again been another fun month with lots of work to complete.

A massive thank you to those parents who were able to attend our class worship as well.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Chute.



In English, we have been reading ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ which is about an owl called Plop who is, you guessed it, afraid of the dark. Not particularly helpful when you’re supposed to be a night bird! In the story he talks to lots of different characters to find out what they think of the dark and by the end he grows to love the dark too. We wrote diary entries pretending that we were Plop to explain what happened when we met different characters. We also wrote him letters trying to convince him to not be afraid.


World Book Day

For World Book Day, we enjoyed dressing up in our favourite characters costumes. We also shared some books with Leicester class which was very enjoyable.




In our maths lessons, we have been learning how to tell the time to quarter past and quarter to the hour.

We have also been learning how to measure accurately with a ruler. We know it is really important to keep the ruler straight and to put the object we are measuring at 0cm and measure from there. We know we can do this to measure length and height.



We have been learning some more about ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ this term.

We went on a minibeast hunt but unfortunately the weather wasn't very good so we only saw a few worms, snails and ants.

We learnt about how Gentoo penguins build their nests out of sticks and stones. We went onto the field and used our hands as pretend beaks to pick up sticks and create our own nests.




In our class butterfly, ‘Circle of Life’, we have been learning about animals around the world and linking our learning to our Science topic.

We completed some artwork by using watercolour paints and charcoal. We used the watercolours to paint a sunset background. Once this was dry we used the charcoal to add on silhouettes of animals.




During March, we have continued to use PowerPoint and the Internet to help us to complete research to enable us to create a document about living things and their habitats.. We learnt how to add new slides, paste photographs from the Internet and how to change the design of our presentations.

We have also learnt how to use Word to create some work about living things and their habitats. We are going to decide and think about the benefits for both when it comes to creating digital content.