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June 2022


In maths, we've been learning how to estimate capacity and volume. We knew that capacity is how much a container can hold and volume is how much a container is holding. We looked at various different containers and estimated what their capacity would be - using our knowledge of how much is in a water bottle to help us. We then tested our estimation by filling the container up with water and pouring that into a measuring jug. 




In DT, we were looking at different types of bridges and where they are around the world. We found out that different bridges hold weight in different ways. There are: suspension bridges, like the Golden Gate Bridge; arch bridges, like the Sydney Harbour Bridge; Cantilever, like Forth Bridge and Beam Bridges, like Moselle Viaduct. We were then given a challenge to build our own prototype for a new bridge that goes over River Thames. 




In PESHR, we have been looking at what we are worried about and what our ambitions are for Year 6. We discussed what we could do to overcome our concerns and how we can achieve our goals.