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Winchester's March Blog


In English, we have been looking at the story 'Handas Surprise'. The story is about a girl called Handa who lives in Africa and was picking fruit to send to her friend Akeyo. We began writing diary entries pretending to be Handa, and the children used adjectives to describe the fruit and animals they had seen along the journey. They wrote sentences such as, the soft yellow banana was stolen by the cheeky brown monkey. We then innovated our setting to a farm and changed our animals to cows, chickens, pigs and goats. The children continued to write diary entries from Handa about the new farm animals. We then continued our diary entries to discuss the delivery of the fruit from the farm to the school. 



In maths we have been looking at time. First we started by looking at reading o'clock on an analogue clock and then drawing the hands on the clock to show a given time. We discussed how we knew what the time was using our key words to explain. 'I know it is _ o'clock because the hour hand is pointing to _ and the minute hand is pointing to 12. We then moved on to reading half past the hour on an analogue clock. We explained how we knew by saying 'I know it is half past __ because the hour hand is between __ and __ and the minute hand is pointing at 6. Lastly, we moved on to positional language and we described the position of people and objects in our classroom. We identified our left and right and we looked at turning objects using language such as whole turn, half turn, quarter turn, clockwise and anti-clockwise. 


In CCCS we have been practising our cutting and chopping skills to make a healthy snack. We used the bridge method to cut our tomatoes and we used the claw method to cut our lettuce, peppers and cucumber. We made a healthy salad and loved trying it! We then discussed where food comes from and how this has changed over time. We identified that years ago people had to go to a green grocers to get their vegetables and a butchers to get their meat, but now we can get all our food in a supermarket. We spoke about where the food comes from and found our eggs come from hens, bread is made from wheat, milk comes from cows and vegetables can be grown underground.