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May 2022

May Blog


Summer is upon us (hooray!) and we’re as busy as ever: read on to see what Gloucester class have been up to this May.




In English we wrapped up our persuasive writing techniques, continuing to focus on environmental concerns affecting our home planet. We wrote letters to our local MP, urging them to take action on issues that mattered to each of us.


Next, we stepped through the wardrobe into the weird and wonderful world of Narnia. As we pressed through the book in our daily guided-reading lessons (many of which we were able to take outside into the sunshine), our understanding of the text was able to inform our in-class writing. Ultimately, we wrote our very own fantasy stories!




In maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of angles, ensuring that we are confident in using protractors to measure and draw angles. We’ve also learnt how to estimate and classify angles as acute, right-angle, obtuse, or reflex. 


We’ve also looked at shape - learning how to measure area and perimeter, as well as beginning to reflect and translate shapes across grids. In order to help us plot our new shapes, we’ve learnt about co-ordinates too!




In science, we’ve started looking at materials - classifying these according to their properties and what we might use them for. Next, we looked at how materials can dissolve as part of a change of state, and how such changes can be reversed. 




In RE, we’ve started learning all about Islam, beginning with understanding what the five pillars of Islam are and why these are iportant to Muslims. All the way, we’ve drawn ‘golden thread’ connections between Islam, Christianity and other religions, considerin ghow ideas around God, community and faith are similar of different. 


The quality of our in-class discussions has been incredibly high - good work all round!


That's all for now folks, see you next month!