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Hereford's January Blog 29/01/21

The blog for this month is a little different to normal.

As many of us are currently working from home, we have been learning in a variety of ways and we want to share with you some of our amazing work.


In Maths this month, we have all been learning about the four operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division. We have used these in a variety of ways to solve problems ranging from 4 + 7 = 11 to 9 /3 = 3. To help us with this, we have used a variety of resources to physically calculate the calculations. Below are some pictures of the objects we have used at home for our Maths.


In English this month, we have all been learning about how to write our very own fairytale. We used the story of the three little pigs as a starting point. To help us understand the characters we wrote 'Wanted' posters for the Big Bad Wolf, wrote invitations to people asking for help to build a house and writing letters of reply. This all culminated in us writing our very own fairytales. Below are some examples of the various writing we completed.


In Science this month, we have all been learning about plants. We started by seeing how to plant a seed and what it needs to turn into a plant. We then learnt various types of wild plants such as weeds as well as identifying flowers that might be planted in gardens. We used this to then design our very own gardens.


As part of our Christ Church Curriculum Safari we have been learning various subjects such as Music, Geography and History. We started by learning all about pitch, tempo and dynamics and their affect on music. We then learnt all about the oceans and coastlines. We even made comparisons between the Erith coastline and that of Southsea, Portsmouth. We then tried to decide which job we would like to do if we lived by the coast.