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Truro's March blog 25/03/21

Welcome to Truro's March class blog!

Welcome to our March blog! 


We are all so glad to be back at school seeing our friends and learning together. Since being back at school we have been very busy and enthusiastic about our new learning that we are doing.



In maths this term we have started by focusing on fractions. We learnt about fractions as numbers and how this would look. We worked in groups to represent our fractions pictorially and in a written abstract method. We really enjoyed learning about fractions and how these can be shown in different ways.

This week we have been learning about perimeter. We focused on what a perimeter is and how we can work it out. We spent our learning time measuring the sides of 2D shapes and adding them up to find out the perimeter. We have really enjoyed learning about what perimeter is and how to work it out.


This week in our art lesson we have created our very own prints inspired by George Seurat's famous art work. We were introduced to the printing style of pointillism. We created our very own pointillism piece of art work. We linked this lesson in with our science for this term 'plants' as we used the pointillism technique to create our own flower pictures.


Since coming back to school we have been focusing on recounts. Firstly we completed a cold task about a day trip to the zoo. We then went on to look at our new class text 'A cold crisp day', we really enjoyed looking at the features of the text and creating our own story maps for the text. We are getting really good at being able to pick out the features from our class texts. Finally, we went on to write our very own recount about a cold snowy day out. We really enjoyed this as we recently had a snow day so we had lots of amazing ideas for our writing. 

Please see our brilliant recount writing below.



In computing this term we have been looking at databases and what they are used for. We had the opportunity to delve into a database all about insects. This allowed us to see a database and familiarise ourselves with how to use them to find information. This week we were lucky enough to create our very own class database about animals. Each of us chose an animal and then answered the same questions about each one. We now have our very own class database about animals.

Please take a look some of our great work.