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October 2021

Autumn is here


October has been a very busy month. We’ve been learning lots of new things and using our Year 1 knowledge and skills to help us too. We’re very ready for a break now but are looking forward to more work and the lead up to Christmas after half term.


Have an enjoyable and safe half term.

Miss Chute :)



In our English lessons we have been using the story ‘Traction Man is Here’ to help us to write diary entries. We have worked really hard using the past tense to make sure our diary entries make sense. Sometimes we have to add the -ed suffix to the end of words but sometimes the word changes completely when using the past tense. For example, play becomes played but see becomes saw. Sometimes it is tricky to remember when we need -ed and when we don’t but practise will make perfect.



We have been completing lots of work in Maths this month. We have used fractions and learnt how to find half, quarter and three quarters of shapes and numbers. We have used money to help us to recognise the value of each coin we have in England. We played shop to help us to find the coins needed for a price. We then worked out what different coins would make the same price. For example, we would need 20p, 5p and 2p to make 27p but we would also use 10p, 10p, 5p and 2p to make the same price.




In RE we have been learning about the Creation story.

We completed some drawings of the different days of Creation. We also wrote about what happened on each day.

We also thought about what we love most about our amazing world and lots of us decided that animals and plants are our favourite things because there are so many of them. We also understand the importance of looking after the world to make it a better place for everybody.



In our CCCS lessons we have continued our learning about our local area of Erith.

We have also designed and made a healthy snack in a DT (Design and Technology) focused lesson. We thought carefully about what ingredients we would like to use to create a ‘fruit face’ and then designed it. Miss Chute then bought what fruit she could and we made our snacks using melon, apple, blueberries and raspberries. We had so much fun and really enjoyed eating our snacks too. Some of us hadn’t tried some of the fruit before but we found it to be very yummy.




In our Computing lessons, we have continued our work on coding and programming for the whole term. We have been using Kodu, which is a computer program, to help us to make a character move. We learnt how to program the robot to move and how to catch and apple when it bumps into one. We really enjoyed these lessons and understand the importance of making our instructions clear.