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April 2022

Gloucester’s April Blog


Hello and welcome back to Gloucester’s class blog: April saw us cruising through an extended Easter break and straight into the summer term!




In English, we have been flexing our persuasive skills, thinking all about text-type, audience and purpose to craft persuasive letters and arguments about the environment. We have compiled a class ‘persuasive writing toolkit’ using our new learning, and studied examples of effective persuasive letters. We’ve also looked critically at other forms of persuasive writing, such as advertising, which might be active upon us, trying to get us to do something. In this way, we’ve learnt that persuasive techniques can be very effective; we need to be careful when being persuaded, and selective when we are persuading others.




In maths, we’ve been making quick progress, returning to topics we covered earlier in the year and ensuring that our learning there is as complete as can be. April’s learning journeys have led us through the misty peaks of fractions, decimals, and percentages, before crossing into the fertile valleys of calculation and multi-operation problems. Our class engagement ahs been fantastic this term - keep it up everyone!




In RE, we’ve begun a unit studying the teachings of Islam. So far, our lessons have centred around understanding the place of the five pillars of Islam within the Islamic faith, and what some of these pillars represent. Building upon themes concurrent throughout our golden threads (which explore similarities between different religions), we have explored the place of community within Islam. We have combined this new learning with our previous learning in literacy, writing texts in which we go into our communities and explain our new learning.




In PESHR, we have explored the importance of good dental hygiene to our oral and overall health. We created leaflets and posters, encouraging each other to maintain healthy habits.




In geography, we have been learning all about different aspects of climate change, including: the production of greenhouse gases and their link to global warming, overfishing and marine pollution, and single-use plastics. We have consolidated this learning through our English lessons, and have had some very rich discussions and debates about these issues.




In Science, we have begun considering different materials and their properties. We have used scientific ways of working, such as classifying materials and presenting information, to create tables, venn diagrams, and carrol diagrams.


That's all for now, see you next month!