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March 2021

This term, we welcomed back Salisbury Class, after home learning since December. The children have settled in really well and enjoyed being with their friends again. We would like to thank you for all the hard work the children and adults have put in, whilst they learnt at home. 



In our English lessons, we started off looking at newspaper reports and identifying their features. We even stepped into the shoes of a news reporter and interviewed a main character from a story. By doing this we honed in on the use of pronouns and direct speech. 


We then moved on to looking at myths and fantasy stories. Our modelled text was 'Thor's Lost Hammer'. We enjoyed this very much and have been able to invent our own character and write our own narrative. 




In maths, we have been interpreting data and have solved comparison problems. 


We have also been learning about dividing numbers. We know to use the bus stop method and use manipulatives if needed. 




In science, we have been looking at the classification of animals. We have recognised that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways. We loved learning how to remember what a living thing is, by using the letters MRS NERG.

These stand for: 

We then created our own classification keys, thinking about the similarities and differences between different organisms. 



In RE this term, we have been learning about the Christian faith through the Christian concept of Salvation. We have been exploring the story of Easter and what it means to Christians today. 


The big question for this term was, 'Why do Christians call the day that Jesus died 'Good Friday'? We found out that Friday is good because Christ "showed His great love for man, and purchased for him every blessing".