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Winchester's May Blog



In English we have been learning about 'The Great Fire of London' and applying this information to Information texts. We have looked at the interesting facts about the fire. We found out that the fire started in Thomas Farriners bakery on Pudding Lane. He forgot to put his fire out that he used to cook his bread. The fire spread so quickly because the houses were built close together and the houses were made from wood. People had to use leather buckets filled with water to put out the fire, but it did not work. We wrote newspaper reports about the event and wrote letters to Samuel Pepys asking him questions about what he wrote. 




In maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction. We looked at making ten using our knowledge of number bonds to ten to support us. We used a range of resources to support our counting including bead strings, number squares, counters and cubes. The children worked hard to identify different methods they could use to answer their equations. We then moved to looking at word problems and identifying which operation is needed to form an equation to answer. 




In science we have been looking at materials and investigating what materials are stiff, flexible, shiny or dull. We identified different objects in out classroom and explored what materials they were made from and how we would describe them. We then designed pictures with objects around the room and labelled them with the object and the material.