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Winchester's December Blog


In English we started by looking at some winter poetry. We focussed on acrostic poems and discussed what words remind us of winter and this time of year. The children created fantastic word webs and used these to create their own acrostic poems based on words such as SNOW, WINTER and COLD. We then moved on to letter writing and used the book 'Santa Post' by Emma Yarlett. The story is about a girl called Amy who wrote a letter to Santa but there was a hole in the part where she asked for a present, so Santa asked lots of people to help him find the right present but only Santa could find the right present for Amy. First we drew a story map of the book and acted out different parts to it. Then we wrote a letter to Santa telling him what we would like for Christmas. We then innovated this idea by changing who we are writing to. In Winchester class we chose Snowmen, Reindeer and Mrs Claus. We told them we knew Santa was really busy at this time of year but we would really love a ....



In Maths we began by looking at the difference between lighter and heavier. The children used balancing scales to compare different objects in the classroom. We discovered that a rubber is lighter than a glue stick and that a pair of scissors is heavier than a pencil. We have also been looking at positional language and have looked at whole turn, half turn and quarter turn. To add a challenge to this we asked the children to identify if the turn was clockwise and anti-clockwise. We used our bodies and teddy bears to model this. 



Winchester Class have been spent many weeks practising for their Christmas performances and they were fantastic! We sand 'Away in a Manger' on our own and we joined in with 'Little Donkey', 'It was on a starry night' and 'come and Join the Celebration'.  All of the children were amazing and we are very proud of them!

I would like to say thank you for all of your help and hard work this year so far.

Thank you for reading every night and completing homework each week, we really appreciate all the hard work you do at home!

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy new year.